May this practice heal and strengthen your body and your mind.

-Lucas Rockwood

Yoga Heals International was founded in 2018 

Renée Timberlake - Founder of Yoga Heals International

I started doing yoga when I was 18 years old while volunteering at a hospital in the Mosquito Coast of Honduras.  It's now been more than 20 years and while I've changed in many ways three relevant things have remained consistent for me: I've kept practicing yoga regularly, I love to travel and learn from people around the world, and I want to spend my life in service to others.  With a Master's degree in Cultural and Educational Policy Studies and a career focused on educational access and opportunity for low-income students, I've spent a good deal of my life learning about how trauma impacts an individual's ability to succeed in life.  In yoga, I see an opportunity to help people retrain their nervous systems thereby healing from past traumas and developing resiliency to face those traumas yet to happen.  I am hugely interested in how others are doing this work and a large motivation for starting Yoga Heals International is to be a source of information for those wanting to know more about yoga's healing potential.  I also teach yoga classes in Berea, Ohio and lead retreats focused on nervous system retraining (in a nutshell) with my Energy Psychologist mother, Dr. Holly Timberlake.

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